The Device that Builds Muscle Without Exercise

Published: 18 December, 2019

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Professor Alfredo Franco-Obregon, from the Department of Surgery, and his team at QuantumTX have found a way to help patients with mobility issues rehabilitate their muscles without the use of exercise.

Exercise consumes energy, with muscles responding with the production of energy to fuel the movements. The magnetic fields produced by BICEPS create a similar effect of energy consumption, causing muscles to respond in a similar fashion and create energy. This response allows the user to reap the benefits that exercise would have brought, without the strain of activity.

Just 10 minutes of treatment, twice a week, for 10 weeks is the prescription – this is to ensure that the cells continue to respond the stimulation of the machine.

It might be early days yet, but it seems like BICEPS has shown promise of delivering other benefit as well. Blood tests on clinical trial patients showed changes in the levels of agents that may help with metabolic dysfunction, cardiovascular disease and mental decline after using the machine.

Click here to watch a video on how BICEPS works.

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