CHN Overview


Graduate Diploma in Community Health Nursing (CHN)
Part-Time course

This Graduate Diploma programme has been designed to provide students a strong foundation in community health nursing, enabling care delivered to meet the healthcare needs of various population groups in a variety of community settings in Singapore. The proposed programme, the Graduate Certificate leading to Graduate Diploma in Community Health Nursing responds to the growing societal demand for well-qualified Registered Nurses to manage the healthcare needs of patients in the community.

This course is offered on a part-time mode and adopts a sequential stackable modular approach. Stackable programmes typically consist of Certificates that will stack up towards a Graduate Diploma. The stackable Graduate Certificates shall not be more than 5 years at the point of application for matriculation to the Graduate Diploma in Community Health Nursing.

The first two (2) modules (NUR5801G & NUR5802G) will give students an experience of learning in modules of the Master of Nursing programme. In addition, if requirements are met, successful candidates will be awarded advance standing placement if they purse the Master of Nursing programme.


Aims of the Programme

The course aims to promote and deepen registered nurses’ knowledge, skills and understanding for care delivery in a community setting. Registered nurses working in the community are required to perform health assessment and make diagnoses, make decisions and offer treatment with a high level of autonomy and independence. This course aims to consolidate the theoretical base to enable registered nurses to develop higher levels of decision-making and develop skills that will support the continuity of care between the hospital and community.