NP Academic Information

a. Curriculum Structure

The Bachelor of Science (Nursing Practice) programme aims to build on the foundation that the polytechnic nursing graduates have established through their three years of diploma studies.

Table 1: Programme Structure for Bachelor of Science (Nursing Practice)

b. Advanced Placement Credits (APCs) for Local Diploma Holders

The Bachelor of Science (Nursing Practice) programme consists of 80 module credits (MC), and permits exemption of a separated set of 40 MCs granted to students who have completed a polytechnic nursing diploma from Singapore (comprising 20 MCs for Unrestricted Elective Modules and 20 MCs for Programme Requirements). The APCs will be granted only for the diploma completed within the last five years prior to the date of admission to NUS. If the student had used his/her Diploma in Nursing from NYP or NP to count towards the award of a non-Nursing degree prior to applying for this part-time Nursing degree, he/she may not be granted APCs.

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c. Class schedule

Classes would typically be between 1800 to 2100 hrs on weekdays (Thursdays & Fridays) and 0800 to 1200 hrs on Saturdays.
Each semester would follow the academic calendar which consists of 13 instructional weeks.


Module Description