President’s Message

Message from Current President, NUS Nursing Alumni

Having been with the 1st Exco as Honorary General Secretary, I am deeply honored to be handed this mantle of President to carry the NUS Nursing Alumni (NUSNA) into the next chapter of growth. At this time, we remember the unwavering support from esteemed leaders in the medical and nursing community who had helped establish and groom NUSNA. Today, we continue to receive strong support from Professor Emily Ang, Head of ALCNS; Associate Professor Victor R Savage, Director of NUS Office of Alumni Relations (OAR); and Dr Tiew Lay Hwa, Adjunct Associate Professor who is our Advisor.

Over the past 4 years, NUSNA has organized 20 events of varying scales for our graduates. Out of these birthed NUSNA’s 3 core events: Welcome Tea, Career Development Day (CDD), and SIMPLE program which is collaboration with ALCNS. Apart from Welcome Tea that is an informal meet-up between senior alumni and fresh graduates, both CDD and SIMPLE encourages personal interaction and professional knowledge exchange between graduates and undergraduates. Such events receive good, constructive feedback that helps us to continually shape our programs to cater to changing needs of our alumni population.

NUSNA will celebrate its 5th Anniversary in 2016 and will commemorate its founding by further developing existing events to align with our vision and mission. Project Light is one such program. It is our overseas community outreach program where our alumni open clinics and give health education to the people in the rural communities in Phetchabun, Thailand. We are constantly looking for avenues to continue to give back to society through our community outreach programs, locally and overseas. We also want to provide more support and mentorship to our young alumni and undergraduates.

My heartfelt thanks to members of the 2nd Exco:

Vice-President: Tan Wei Jocelyn (2015-current), Marcus Ang (2014)
Honorary General Secretary: Connie Cheung, Ibnu Firdaus (Asst General Secretary)
Honorary Treasurer: Seah Betsy (Acting Treasurer), Tam Fong Kuan Doris (2014)
Communications & Informatics Director: Brendan Chew
Events Directors (Social & Welfare): Li Jie Min
Events Directors (Professional Development): Seah Betsy, Angie Goh (Asst Director)
Events Directors (Overseas Outreach): Madeleine Lam, Felicia Ho (Asst Director)

Sarah Ong
2nd Executive Committee, NUSNA

Guests at NUSNA Career Development Day.

From left: Ms. Lim Chi Ching, Founding President NUSNA; Associate Professor Victor Savage, Director for NUS Office of Alumni Relations; Professor Emily Ang, Head for Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies; Ms. Sarah Ong, 2nd President NUSNA; and Ms. Chua Tse Lert, former Vice-President NUSNA

Message from Founding President, NUS Nursing Alumni

The NUS Nursing Alumni (NUSNA) was officially established in August 2011 with the approval from the NUS Office of Alumni Relations (OAR). This is a milestone for Singapore’s nursing history as we are the first local graduate nursing school with an alumni association, and we believe our alumni will bring our nursing fraternity to greater heights. We will organize and encourage our alumni to participate in activities which promote the good name of ALCNS and NUS.

To commemorate the event, an inauguration ceremony and first Annual General Meeting of NUSNA was held on 20th October 2011 at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House. The event was attended by 140 guests including many esteemed individuals from the medical and nursing community, faculty members, nursing graduates and students. Our special thanks go to Professor Sally Chan, then Head of Department; Dr Tiew Lay Hua, Adjunct Associate Professor; Dr. Pauline Tan, then Chief Nursing Officer (MOH); the late Professor Arthur Lim, then President of the Medical Alumni Association; the late Associate Professor Lim Meng Kin, then Director of NUS OAR; and the late Mr Koe Khoon Poh, then Chairman of the Medical Alumni Association. Their presence was extremely encouraging to NUSNA and reflected the strong support we have from the healthcare community and the University.

I would like to thank the 1st Exco:

Vice-President: Chua Tse Lert
Honorary General Secretary: Sarah Ong (2012-2014), Sherly Agustinus (2011)
Honorary Treasurer: Kuek Wern Lunn
Welfare Director: Ngo Yu Ting Natalie
Liaison Officer: Micki Goh
Academic Director: Koh Yi Wen
Volunteer Director: Lam Runbing Madeleine

Lim Chi Ching
Founding President
1st Executive Committee, NUSNA

NUS Nursing Alumni Inauguration Ceremony on 20 Oct 11

Left to Right: A/Prof Lim Meng Kin, Ms Lim Chi Ching, Prof Arthur Lim, Prof Sally Chan