Global Health and Leadership Programme (GoHelp)

Global Health and Leadership Programme (GoHelp)

Today’s healthcare professionals face increasingly profound global health challenges. With pandemics spreading rapidly across national borders, widening healthcare disparities and the need to work with diverse social infrastructures, having global health competencies and global citizenship becomes a necessity.

At NUS Medicine, we developed the Global Health and Leadership Programme (GoHelp) precisely to prepare our graduates for the increasingly globalised and complex practice environment they will work in.

GoHelp aims to nurture our students into compassionate and community-responsive individuals, who are equipped with relevant competencies to make a significant and sustainable difference to health outcomes in local or international communities.

A Robust Curriculum

A robust and well-defined global health curriculum is the cornerstone of GoHelp. Besides global health lectures and tutorials, our students are encouraged to attend our Community Involvement Project (CIP) Leadership Workshop, and participate in student-led CIPs that demonstrate a significant difference to healthcare outcomes in a sustainable manner.

Students who are interested in leading community-focused projects that are aligned with the GoHelp mission may apply for the school’s approval and financial support via our competitive bi-annual grant calls in January and August. We are proud to be enablers in their education.

School Approved Community Involvement Projects (CIP)

Overseas Projects

Local Projects