Neighbourhood Health Service

The Neighbourhood Health Service (NHS) is a local community health service project which aims to identify residents-in-need, especially the elderly and residents of lower socio-economic status living in rental blocks, and act as a bridge to reconnect them back to the healthcare system through an active follow-up programme.

Since its inaugural screening in January 2008, NHS has grown substantially in serving the healthcare needs of the rental block population and has since served 9 districts, including residents in Kampong Glam and Eunos Crescent in 2017.

In the long-term, NHS hopes to be a replicable health service model that can be adopted by healthcare institutions nationwide.

For more information, check out our fact sheet here

Your gifts will allow our students to make a greater impact on the community, as they will be channeled to the following areas:

  • Medical Equipment ( Blood Pressure Machines, Weighing Scales etc)
  • Medical Consumables ( Alcohol Wipes, Disposable Gloves etc)
  • Non-Medical Logistics
  • Printing of Screening Materials (Health Education Booklets etc)
  • Publicity Materials
  • Miscellaneous Cost
  • Transportation Cost (For residents)

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