Every dollar you give to research will bring us one step closer to understanding and discovering new ways to treat the dreaded diseases that affect our lives and the lives of those we care about – whether it be cancer, heart disease, dementia or diabetes.

Your gift will fund critical medical discovery, it will help us find ways to deliver radical, lifesaving health treatments at lower costs to Singaporeans, it will take us to the edges of cancer science and treatments and translate these discoveries to help the children and adults stricken with cancer and their families, it will help us in our journey to unravel the causes of cognitive decline that leads to dementia.

Our researchers, clinicians and teachers are passionate about a wide breadth of health issues. Help us beat the medical conditions that you care about.

Myeloma Cancer Research Fund

Multiple myeloma afflicts more than 100 patients in Singapore annually. Read more about how research can help.

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Breast Cancer Research Fund

Treatment and research for a top killer among women around the world

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Dementia Prevention

The number of people with dementia in Singapore is expected to more than double to 103,000 by 2030. Support the Mind-Science Centre in its fight against the disease.

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Childhood Kidney Disease

Saving children from kidney failure

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NUS Medicine Research Fund

Help us beat the medical conditions that you care about

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Your generous support will help to make medical education more accessible to the best and brightest from all levels of society, with diverse backgrounds.

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