Discretionary Admissions

Discretionary Admissions

Exceptional Individual Scheme (For discretionary admissions)

The Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine offers admission to a small number of talented and qualified individuals through a route known as the Exceptional Individual Scheme (EIS).

The EIS was developed as a way of exercising discretionary criteria in admitting a small number of students to the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Applications submitted through this route will be evaluated by the Selection Committee on the basis of exceptional talent and achievement, in addition to academic results.

Students who wish to be considered under the EIS must submit a portfolio (in addition to the formal application via the NUS Office of Admissions portal) consisting of the following:

  • A personal statement (500 words)*
  • List of co-curricular activities
  • Official testimonial from your junior college or high school
  • Two referee reports (Instructions and login details will be provided to nominated referees to fill up an online questionnaire consisting of 6-8 questions.)

*This is a separate statement from the 2000-characters essay found in the NUS OAM application. The 2000-characters essay is not applicable to NUS Medicine application.

Your application for admission will first be considered under the standard admissions pathway by the NUS Office of Admissions. If your University Admissions Score meets the cut-off point for Medicine, you will be shortlisted and invited for interviews and you will not be considered an EIS candidate.

If you do not meet the cut-off point set by the NUS Office of Admissions, your application will be considered under the EIS. You will not need to submit another portfolio, as your EIS application will serve as your portfolio for the FSA if you are shortlisted.

If you had previously attended the FSA and/or SJT, you must also submit your portfolio under the EIS. You will not be granted an interview if you fail to comply with this requirement. This is because under the normal admissions criteria, a candidate is not granted repeat interviews for Medicine.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend the Focused Skills Assessment and Situational Judgement Test together with candidates shortlisted via the standard route. Before applying under EIS, interested applicants must have also submitted an online application through the NUS Office of Admissions by the application deadline.

EIS applications for Academic Year 2019/20 have closed. Applications for AY20/21 will open in end January 2020.