Medicine - Undergraduate


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Our curriculum is focused on producing doctors capable of meeting tomorrow’s medical challenges.

Active, Collaborative, Engaging, Interactive, Team-Based Curriculum

First-rate patient care begins with a holistic and integrated medical curriculum. Our teachers collaborate across phases and disciplines to streamline content and develop learning materials. Our curriculum is designed such that it lets you revisit earlier learned ideas in increasing complexity at a comfortable pace. We place great emphasis on treating the patient, not just the disease. You will gain a longitudinal perspective on patient care from wellness to illness to death, learn how a patient lives with diseases from hospital to community and be trained to provide the right level of care needed.


We enhance your medical undergraduate experience throughout with a dynamic curriculum that is as current as it is innovative. For instance, your
first two Phases are designed to help you adjust to university learning, without the stress of grades. It’s another first in Singapore by the School
that’s been making medical history since 1905.

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You also get a chance to spend a semester abroad as an exchange student at more than 20 top international medical schools, during two elective periods in Phase III and IV. Phase V marks the beginning of your transition from a medical student to a practicing doctor. You will be embedded into healthcare teams in hospitals and clinics and carry out functions similar to that of a junior doctor under supervision.

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